A few weeks ago a mum rich me out with her family photography idea.

This family’s life is similar to a lot of our lives. We choose a new place, a new country for our new home. Some of us just for a little time, some of us lifelong. 

So we move, we build our new life. It’s sometimes exciting, sometimes lonely or missing plenty of thing what we get used to since we born.

And the family…. They are missing all the time.

And then we give birth and our close family are miles away. That makes harder. 

So this Italian mum, who has a little girl (Rosa), would have liked to have some memories of Rosa and her grandma. 

Making pasta for spaghetti is their favourite time together. The best, the most delicious pasta ever… Because they made with love together. It can be seen in the photos how much Rosa enjoyed to eat it before cooked. 🙂

This session was a true documentary. Rosa’s grandma only can speak Italian and I don’t. 🙂 ( mummy was working)

I love the connection on the pictures.

After the pasta was ready Rosa showed me her room. I’ll continue the story in my next blog post.